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Safeguarding your investment in our products

  • 2,300+
    global trademark filings
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    unique brands & logos
  • 800+
    patents & applications

Why we safeguard our brands

LYCRA® fiber is that powerful ingredient inside a garment that really helps differentiate your products. Knowing that a product contains LYCRA® fiber can strongly influence the consumer’s buying decision.

When you work with us, you are getting more than a fiber. We support our customers on all levels to help them harness the value of our brand. Therefore, we consider it our duty to ensure that consumer’s trust in our brand remains high, and in turn, the LYCRA® brand continues to add value for you, our valued customer.

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Combatting infringement

We invest in advertising programs to raise industry awareness of LYCRA® brand infringement. Media campaigns, such as our Zero Tolerance hosiery campaign and our LYCRA® dualFX® technology for denim campaign, highlight the importance of observing the guidelines around proper trademark usage.

Learn about the Zero Tolerance hosiery campaign

Taking action against infringement

We always protect our valued assets—our trademarks—and defend our rights whenever necessary. Many times, trademark infringements are unintentional and such mistakes can be corrected easily and quickly. However, when the situation calls for it, we work closely with authorities around the world to take legal action and protect our brand’s reputation.

If you suspect a product displaying our trademark may be counterfeit, contact us or your representative.

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Trademark guidelines

LYCRA® is a globally registered trademark of The LYCRA Company and is a valuable asset that will be vigorously defended against unauthorized and improper usage that could result in damage to the goodwill associated with our brand.

The trademark guidelines and links on this page are intended only for The LYCRA Company’s customers, including its garment manufacturers, their customers selling finished garments manufactured with authentic fiber from The LYCRA Company, authorized mills and licensees who are purchasing authentic fiber and fabric from our authorized mills. Authentic fiber purchasers have the ability to use only those logos and trademarks of The LYCRA Company associated with the specific fiber purchased. Should your company require a logo file, our hang tags or wish to use your own bespoke hang tag/packaging, visit our LYCRA ONE™ portal and request a TMLA.

The LYCRA Company’s family of trademarks and logos can only be used in connection with genuine fiber and fabric from its authorized mills. 

You may not use The LYCRA Company’s word marks, logos, logotypes, icons, trade dress or other elements if you don't have a license from The LYCRA Company, are not purchasing authentic fiber or fabric from an authorized mill, are not purchasing finished garments from authorized manufacturers, or are not participating in our Hang Tag program

  • Use of The LYCRA® Company’s trademarks as part of your business name, social media account or on your business cards is prohibited.
  • Altering, animating or distorting The LYCRA Company’s trademarks is prohibited.


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Be in the know

Review our Brand guidelines.